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Nick Frederking in the greenhouse.

Student Spotlight - Nick Frederking

Nick Frederking, a senior in Plant and Soil Sciences, served as an Herbicide-Resistant Weed Investigator in the Undergraduate Assistantship Program.  Under the guidance of Dr, Bryan Young, Professor in the Department of Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems, Nick performed several research activities.  He was responsible for collecting, propagating, maintaining, and evaluating suspected herbicide-resistant weed plant/seed samples. 

Nick stated, “The undergraduate assistant position in Weed Science has been a very valuable and rewarding experience.”  As with every undergraduate assistantship, there is lots of experience-based learning.  “I enjoyed the hands-on learning, and developed skills that I can use in my future endeavors,” Frederking stated.  Nick noted, “The position of Herbicide-Resistant Weed Investigator provided a great opportunity to develop skills in research and data collection.  The assistantship also provided an opportunity to further skills and knowledge in weed species identification, herbicide activity, and weed resistance to herbicides.” 

The experience-based learning is very important to employers as well.  It gives students an advantage in the job market, and is something that employers value.  Frederking finished by stating, “I think that this position will benefit me in the long run, not only because of the skills I’ve acquired, but also because it sets me apart from other individuals on similar career paths.  There are multiple positions available at SIUC for students, but for individuals interested in weed management in an agronomic setting, this position can be very beneficial.”