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Student Spotlight - Joseph Huebener

Joseph Huebener, a senior from Brighton majoring in agricultural systems, takes a minute from his workday with Louis, an Angus bull. Huebener recently completed an Undergraduate Research Assistantship, monitoring feed intake and how different factors affect feed efficiency in young bulls.  As part of his daily activities, Huebener cared for 52 bulls on consignment for the 2013 Annual Bull Test.  He assisted with data collection, animal care and treatment, and feeding.

Huebener stated, “Overall, my experience while working at the SIUC Bull Test Station has been excellent.  I enjoyed every minute of my time working there.  It is definitely something that I will never forget.”  Huebener worked under the direction of Dr. Rebecca Atkinson, Assistant Professor of Animal Science; and George Wiedlocher, Beef Center Manager.  “The Beef Evaluation Station Undergraduate Research Assistantship provides a great opportunity for a student to gain knowledge about research, data collection, animal husbandry, and the skills necessary to communicate with beef producers in a professional manner,” he said.  And Huebener was quick to point out that the experience has netted him valuable industry connections, “It is important that students find something to set themselves apart from others, because the job market is very competitive.  And this assistantship is just one of many options that SIU offers to allow students to gain knowledge and be competitive (in the job market).” 

Huebener will graduate May 11, and in addition to working on his family’s farm, he has a job lined-up that will put his agricultural technology skills to work.