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Hunter Adams

Processing seed, propagating plants in the greenhouse, and evaluating herbicide efficacy are just a few of Hunter Adams’ duties as Herbicide-Resistant Weed Investigator in the Undergraduate Assistantship Program.   Under the guidance of Dr. Bryan Young, Hunter designs and implements experiments to determine the presence of herbicide-resistant individuals in various populations of two problematic weed species, waterhemp and Palmer amaranth. 

Hunter has been interested in agriculture from an early age.  He has worked as a student worker in weed science since his freshman year, and has also completed various internships with Dupont Pioneer.  After graduation, Hunter plants to work for Pioneer in the Emerging Leader Program in New Madrid, Missouri.

The Undergraduate Assistantship Program provides students with valuable experience as they prepare to enter the job market. “I believe the Undergraduate Assistantship Program will help set me apart from others when applying for full time positions with companies.  It has given me great experience with leading and setting up experiments and projects as well as a greater knowledge of problematic weeds and herbicide use.”