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Amelia Stratman

Student Spotlight - Amelia Stratman

At the tender age of 5, Amelia Stratman’s love for animals helped her develop aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. During her high school years in Fairview Heights, Illinois, she spent countless hours volunteering at a local barn and at summer camps where she became passionate about working with horses.  After earning an Associate’s Degree at Southwestern Illinois College, Amelia chose to attend Southern Illinois University as the next step in pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian. 

As an undergraduate in Animal Science, Amelia was selected for an undergraduate assistantship at the Equine Center as an assistant manager.  She works directly with Sheila Puckett, Equine Center Manager.  The Equine Center features a wide variety of horses used for teaching, riding, breeding, and research.  Such an intensive experience has provided unique opportunities to develop management, problem solving, and leadership skills.

Amelia’s typical day begins in the quiet hours of the early morning completing chores with students.  Throughout the day, she assists with sonograms, breeding, and foal care for the horses.  She also studies and evaluates form, function and soundness of riding horses.  All these experiences have helped Amelia gain valuable experiences which she hopes will help her become a successful candidate for veterinarian school. 

Amelia is nearing completion of her Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in Equine Science, and a minor in Agribusiness Economics.  With a degree in hand, she hopes to draw on her equine experience at University Farms and complete work in the area of equine rehabilitation for injured horses to help them lead a more productive life.

Amelia Stratman fills a syringe.