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Subscribe to the School Listserv

Subscribe to the School Listserv

For student convenience, the School offers a School Listserve for dissemination of important information. The listserve is used to keep students informed about important dates, activities and events for the School and the University. By subscribing, students receive information regarding: student advisement, registration, career fairs, internships, school-wide events, graduation updates, scholarship offerings, club events, important deadlines, and much much more!


There is a four-step process for subscribing to the listserve.

  1. Obtain an email address
  2. Email:
  3. Leave the subject line blank
  4. Type the following message in the body:
      first name, last name

Once these steps are completed, your email address will automatically be added to the School listserv at the beginning of the fall semester. Each student is responsible for the information sent via this listserve; and students are encouraged to check it frequently.

Students who do not have an address or who have lost/forgotten it, should contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 618.453.5155.