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The Agricultural Education Club

Agricultural Education Association/ IAVAT Student Branch

Club Overview:

The Agriculture Education Club is a student branch organization to the Illinois Association of Vocational Agricultural Teachers (IAVAT) and Alpha Tau Alpha Fraternity (ATA). Club membership includes agricultural education majors and provides students with the opportunity to enhance their communication and organization skills. Its major purpose is to provide support and a social environment that will enable education majors to share experiences and develop networking skills with professional teachers and peer institutions statewide.With the inclusion of Alpha Tau Alpha, members are able to build connections with other students across the U.S. through the National ATA Conclave.

Club Officers:

Kendra Flood
Vice Presidents:
Cally Diss
Nicole Laskowski
Rachel Wright
Jacob Schumacher

Club Advisor:

Events and Activities:

The Agricultural Education Club takes part in several events throughout the year. Below is a press release regarding a current activity in which the group participated.


Contact Us:

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