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Paper Recycling Project

Our Paper Recycling Project serves a dual purpose- recycling paper and reducing costs for bedding for our animals.  Our Collegiate Future Farmers of America (FFA) organization received a $3,000 Living to Serve:  Environmental Grant from the national FFA in September 2012 to launch this project.

The grant helped fund repair and maintenance of the shredder at the Vermicomposting Center and the purchase of supplies including trash bags, gloves and goggles.  Volunteers collect discarded paper from the College of Agriculture and take it to the center for shredding.  From there, it goes to University Farms where it is mixed about half and half with other bedding materials to provide comfortable, environmentally friendly bedding for our animals at a greatly reduced cost. 

In just the first few months of operation, the project converted about 2,000 gallons of paper shreds into safe, economical bedding, and that’s just the beginning for this ongoing project.

For more information, contact Karen Midden.