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The Metabolism and Physiology Center

Metabolism and Physiology Center

The Metabolism and Physiology Center is part of the University Farms system and is located approximately three miles southwest of the main campus. This Center serves as the site for ongoing animal physiology, nutrition and metabolism research within the Animal Sciences program.

Facilities include small and large animal metabolism crates, animal holding pens, an indoor demonstration arena, specialized reproductive monitoring areas, animal wash rack, classroom and an animal surgery suite.

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The Center permanently houses approximately 20 horses. Other species are brought in on an as-needed basis.


Resources include approximately 50 acres of pasture, horse loafing shed and individual animal pens. Also available are three horse round training pens, tack room, and advanced animal physiology monitoring equipment. The facility houses a classroom that allows students to work with animals and analyze samples, etc., at the same location.

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