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Beef Cattle Center

The Beef Center is part of the University Farms system and is located approximately two miles west of the main campus. The Beef Center herd currently contains approximately 100 animals that are used extensively for both research and teaching. It is affiliated with the SIU Bull Test Station.

Research Activities:
  • Fescue Research
  • Grazing Annual Forages Research
  • DDGS Research
  • K31 Pastures
  • Crop Residues
  • Angus Commercial Cattle

Union Hill Road
Carbondale, Illinois

Contact Info:

For additional information about the Beef Center, please contact: 618-453-2469

Mailing Address:

Beef Center
Southern Illinois University
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Carbondale, Illinois 62901 Phone: (618) 453-2079 or (618) 453-2329
Fax: (618) 453-5231
Cell Phone: (618) 201-6838