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University Farms and Forest Research / Education Centers

Experiential, hands-on learning and specialized research undertakings form a vital part of the SIU Carbondale College of Agricultural Sciences experience.

Students and faculty value immersive research and creative activity and can often be found working at one of the cutting-edge Research and Education Centers on campus.

University Farms, a unique, 2,000 acre, on-campus working farm and forest system, serves as a major agricultural research and education laboratory. Showcasing the best in traditional agricultural education and new research, University Farms offers:

  • Over 600 acres of row crop research and production
  • Over 120 acres hay production for livestock
  • Approximately 300 acres pasture for Animal Centers
  • Approximately 1,000 acres of forest and watershed areas used for research and teaching

Areas of research excellence include Biotechnology; Plant and Animal Production; Agricultural Economics and Policy; Traditional and Urban Forestry; Human Nutrition and Dietetics; Renewable Energy and Environmental Policy; Water Resources; Landscape Horticulture and Agritourism.

Research support comes from Federal and State agencies, commodity groups, foundations, and corporate partners.

University Farms and the Research/Education Centers are truly exceptional and very diverse. They include the following:

All of these top-tier facilities help students build the future they’ve been dreaming of in an environment with heart and bring big things within reach.