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Program Areas

Crop Improvement, Production, and Protection

  • Crop Improvement: Develop and distribute germplasm for plant disease and insect resistance, seed quality, and yield.
  • Crop Production: Improve cultural methods to enhance sustainable soybean production.
  • Crop Protection: Identify, test, and improve strategies and technologies for managing weed, disease, nematode, and insect problems.

Biotechnology and Genomics

  • Biotechnology: Enhance plant and seed characteristics, processing and utilization, and techniques for plant selection.
  • Genomics: Sequence and characterize the soybean genome to identify genes and their functions.

Technology Transfer

  • Technology Transfer: Expand grower, supplier, and consumer knowledge about soybean through education and outreach.

Environmental Sustainability, Economics, and Policy

  • Environmental Sustainability: Conserve and protect environmental resources by developing best management practices for soybean production and promoting soy products as renewable resources.
  • Economics and Policy: Using socio-economic tools to assess the safety and acceptance of technologies for soybean production and use.

International Activities

  • International Activites: Enhance crop production, processing, and utilization in many parts of the developing world.

Health and Nutrition

  • Human Health: Increase utilization of soy-enhanced food products in human diets to combat obesity, diabetes, and cardio-vascular diseases.
  • Nutrition: Enhance human and animal nutrition by improving quality of soybean composition.