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Missions and Objectives


The mission of the Illinois Soybean Center [ISC] is fourfold:

  • Enhance soybean production in Illinois and the North Central region
  • Increase soybean utilization by national and global communities
  • Contribute to the base of scientific knowledge about soy
  • Educate human capital in all areas related to soy


To accomplish this mission, the ISC has identified a number of objectives that are fundamental for continued success. These include:

  • Conduct research on soybean that increases basic knowledge and contributes to practical solutions of stakeholder problems.
  • Develop new soybean cultivars and germplasm that enhance production and value.
  • Facilitate technology transfer of research outcomes to growers, to the soybean industry, and to consumers.
  • Establish consortia with public and private organizations to enhance research, teaching and outreach for mutual benefit.
  • Encourage multi-disciplinary research and improve external funding opportunities.