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i2i scholar Jonathan Meats

Welcome to i2i

What is i2i?

i2i, Ideas to Investigation, is a new initiative that creates distinguished educational pathways for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. i2i students participate in hands-on investigation of a research problem or the completion of a creative activity under the direction of a faculty mentor. The problem or activity addressed should have direct relevance to our industry partners and stakeholders. Preference will be given to projects with industry partner or stakeholder support.

The i2i experience can be performed at SIU or anywhere in the world! Students gain practical research experience and learn valuable life skills while industry partners and other stakeholders have the opportunity to grow future leaders. This pathway of distinction is designed to prepare students for the workforce and/or graduate school. Students plan and execute a project from start to finish while gaining critical problem-solving and communication skills.

i2i gives students the opportunity to work closely with a faculty of seasoned researchers and dedicated teachers as well as their peers. The valuable research experience gained in the field, lab, classroom, and beyond will give i2i scholars an edge as they enter an extremely competitive job market all while they work to find practical solutions to relevant real world problems. i2i scholars learn by doing and make an impact within our college and beyond.

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