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Getting Started


Students entering the i2i program will enter a strategically structured timeline to help them be successful.

The process will begin in the spring semester of a student’s 1st or 2nd year of school. Students will undergo an interview process to measure their interest and abilities. The interviews will take place later in the semester and successful candidates will be notified by the end of the term. Students will then need to register for AGRI 351 for the fall. NOTE: Transfer students can interview if they are planning to enroll at SIU in the following fall. They must make arrangements for interviews themselves (off-site interviews are possible if needed).

The following fall semester’s activities will be centered on the research course AGRI 351. This is a structured course where students will learn about research methods, hear from former i2i scholars, and begin to develop their i2i applications and proposals. Later in the semester, students wishing to formally enter the i2i program by enrolling in AGRI 451 will need to go through another interview process. Successful candidates will be notified by the end of the semester so they can register for AGRI 451 the following spring or summer.

After being accepted into AGRI 451, a student has successfully become an i2i scholar. Whether the project takes place in the spring or summer semester, students enrolled in AGRI 451 can receive between 1 and 6 credit hours for their project and will be paid through an undergraduate assistantship or by the partner they are working through. All new i2i scholars will be recognized at the All-Ag Banquet in February.

The final leg of a successful i2i program will take place in the fall semester following their research project. This semester will focus on presenting results of the project. A written abstract, full report, and a poster about the project must be turned in. All students will also be required to present their findings and experience with i2i to the new AGRI 351 class at some point during the semester.

In summary, the process of the i2i program includes the following steps:

  • Spring Semester of 1st or 2nd year
    • Interview process determines who can take AGRI 351 in the subsequent fall semester
    • Qualified canidates will be notified by the end of the semester in order to register for the class
  • Following Fall Semester
    • Take AGRI 351 to accomplish the following:
      • Learn about research methods
      • Network with former i2i scholars
      • Identify a faculty mentor
      • Develop research ideas and project proposal
      • Complete i2i application and proposal
      • Interview to be accepting into AGRI 451
      • Qualified condidates will be notified by the end of the semester in order to register for the class
  • Following Spring/Summer Semester
    • Take AGRI 451 (1-6 credit hours; if taking the course in the summer, please become familiar with university and financial aid policy affecting summer classes) to accomplish the following:
      • Conduct research
      • Compile results
      • Prepare presentations
    • Be paid through an undergraduate assistantship or your external employer
    • Be recognized at the All-Ag Banquet in February
  • Following Fall Semester
    • Turn in abstract, project report, and project poster
    • Present your project to the AGRI 351 students

How do I Apply?

In order to become an i2i scholar, students must interview during the spring semester of their freshmen or sophomore year in order to enter AGRI 351 the following fall. After completing that course, students must then apply to enter the next course and become an i2i scholar.

How do I get more information?

For more information, please see resources on this site such as the Resources or Frequently Asked Questions tabs. For even more information, please call the SIU College of Agricultural Sciences Dean’s Office at (618) 453-2469 or e-mail Associate Dean, Karen Midden, at kmidden@siu.edu.