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Q: What are the overall objectives of i2i?

A: i2i hopes to provide hands-on experience for students while solving real-world problems. The program also seeks to build bridges between scholars and SIU faculty members as well as industry leaders and agricultural partners.

Q: Who is qualified to apply?

A: Current students can begin the process in the spring semester of their freshmen or sophomore year. Transfer students can begin the process in the spring semester before attending SIU.

Q: How do I take AGRI 351?

A: Interviews will be held at the end of the spring semester. The interview process will determine who can register for AGRI 351 in the following fall.

Q: When are research proposals due?

A: Research proposals will be due along with applications in the later part of the fall semester when a student is enrolled in AGRI 351.

Q: How do I identify a faculty mentor?

A: Identifying faculty members is the responsibility of the student. During the AGRI 351 course, advice will be given to students seeking faculty mentors. We encourage students to search for faculty members with common interests and disciplines to better meet the student’s academic goals.

Q: How do I select a research project?

A: The AGRI 351 course will cover different methods of conducting research. The course will also help students chose a topic and partner with faculty members or industry leaders.

Q: Is i2i a paid position?

A: i2i scholars will be paid for their research work. If their project is on campus, they will be paid through an undergraduate assistantship. If their project is through a partner of the college, they may be paid by the company they are working for.

Q: Is undergraduate research important?

A: Undergraduate research is a very important part of college education for many of our students. The networking and experience undergraduate research provides students can open doors into scholarships, graduate school, and careers. For more information please visit SIU's Undergraduate Research webpage:  https://siu.edu/research