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Naoufal Lakhssassi, Ph.D

PSAS, School of Agricultural Sciences

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Office Phone: 618 | 453-2606


Building Location: Public Policy Institute, Room 111

Dr. Lakhssassi joined the Department of Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2012 as Postdoc associate, then as an Associate Scientist in 2018. Dr. Lakhssassi published more than 30 refereed manuscripts and 1 book chapter in world-renowned publishing houses. Dr. Lakhssassi is the chairman organizer of the functional genomics workshops at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego, CA, and chairman organizer of the American Moroccan Agricultural Science conference, Morocco. Dr. Lakhssassi has been granted research funds from the USDA and USB especially in soybean genomics research (nematode disease resistance and seed composition including nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds), in addition to seven patent applications.


Dr. Lakhssassi is a molecular physiologist, geneticist, genomicist, and TILLING expert. Dr. Lakhssassi discovered and cloned novel disease resistant genes and seed trait genes using TILLING technology and mutation breeding in soybeans. He has been responsible for several research projects in the area of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds derived from food sources with extra human health benefits, seed composition, and diseases that affect cropping systems including but not limited to soybeans, rice, and cannabis. Dr. Lakhssassi has developed a versatile TILLING-by-Seq+ technology and discovered novel genes associated with improved stearic acid, oleic acid, high protein, beneficial carbohydrates, high Tocopherol, and high yield in soybeans. Dr. Lakhssassi’s research focuses also on cloning genes related to abiotic stress tolerance, male sporogenesis, vascular development, and hormonal signaling in the plant model Arabidopsis.


Ph.D. [2011] University of Malaga (UMA), Spain. Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Plant Genomics.

M.S. [2008] University of Malaga (UMA), Spain. Biomolecular Engineering and Microbiology.                                                                                 

DEA (M.S.) [2007] University of Malaga (UMA), Spain. Cell and Molecular Biology.

B.S [2005] University of Tangier (UAE), Morocco. Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology.                                                                                                             


Refereed Published Manuscripts:

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Book Chapters:
  • Liu Shiming, Naoufal Lakhssassi, Zhou Zhou, Vincent Colantonio, My Abdelmajid Kassem, and Khalid Meksem.Soybean Genomic Libraries, TILLING, and Genetic Resources. Springer-Nature soybean genome book, 2017. DOI