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Derek Evans

Researcher I, Forestry

Derek Evans

Office Phone: 618 | 566-2175
Building Location: Agriculture Building 217-K

Derek is a field researcher/M.S. candidate with the Watershed Science Research Group in the Forestry Department who aids in the collection of soil and water quality data.  Derek is a native to Southern Illinois growing up only 45 miles north of Southern Illinois University Carbondale in rural Ashley, Illinois.  He graduated from SIUC with a B.S. in Forestry and prolonged his stay at SIUC by being accepted into their forestry graduate program.  Most of Derek’s research has been conducted in central Illinois agricultural fields and has focused on phosphorus transport from critical source areas in agricultural watersheds.  His current duties include: soil sampling approximately 1,500 acres for agronomic and environmental purposes, collecting soil water, groundwater, and surface runoff samples and analyzing them for nitrate, ammonia, dissolved reactive phosphorus, total phosphorus, electrical conductivity, and pH, installing environmental sampling equipment, and projecting data using ArcGIS.


  • B.S. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Forestry, 2009
  • M.S. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Forestry, 2013