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Our People | College of Agricultural Science | SIU

Our People

The faculty and staff of the College of Agriculture at Southern Illinois University Carbondale are dedicated to helping all students achieve their higher education goals.

Our award-winning faculty are active participants in cutting-edge research and leaders in their respective disciplines. At the same time, they are committed to mentoring students both in and out of the classroom – teaching classes and conducting hands-on laboratories in the field, integrating theory and practice with a problem-solving approach.

Our instructors and lecturers are committed to providing a quality educational experience for our students. They serve as teachers, mentors, and resources for student success. 

Our support staff is comprised of hard-working individuals who take care of our farm centers, offices and laboratories, allowing them to be productive spaces where engaged learning can take place.

Together, our faculty and staff comprise an unbeatable team invested in making your educational goals a reality, providing you with personalized support and the highest quality learning experience we can offer.