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Karl Williard, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Universities Council on Water Resources, Forestry

Karl Williard

Office Phone: 618 | 453-7478
Webpage: http://mypage.siu.edu/williard/
E-mail: williard@siu.edu
Building Location: Agriculture Building, Room 192-A

Karl W.J. Williard is a Professor of Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management in the Department of Forestry at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU). He received a B.A. in Biology from Lehigh University, an M.S. in Environmental Pollution Control from Penn State University, and a Ph.D. in Forest Hydrology from Penn State University under the direction of David DeWalle. Dr. Williard teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Watershed Management and Hydrology at SIUC. His current research interests include nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment attenuation in riparian buffers; and agricultural land management impacts on soil and water quality. Since 1999, he has been awarded over $9.8 million in federal, state, and foundation grants to support his research program. This research has been disseminated in 33 journal articles. Since July 2014, Dr. Williard has served as Executive Director of the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR), a national professional water organization with its home office at SIU. UCOWR publishes the Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education and hosts an annual national conference in June each year.

Special Interests

  • Water quality
  • Hydrology
  • Watershed management


  • FOR 402 Wildland Hydrology
  • FOR 429 Watershed Management Field Lab
  • FOR 430 Wildland Watershed Management
  • FOR 502 Advanced Watershed Hydrology Management

Descriptions are available for each of these classes in the course listing for Forestry [FOR].


  • Pennsylvania State University [Ph.D. 1999]
  • Pennsylvania State University [M.S. 1996]
  • Lehigh University [B.A. 1994]

Research and Outreach