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Eric Holzmueller, Ph.D.

Professor, Forestry

Eric Holzmueller

Office Phone: 618 | 453-3708
Building Location: Agriculture Building, Room 186-E

Eric Holzmueller joined the Department of Forestry at Southern Illinois University faculty as an Assistant Professor in August 2007. Dr. Holzmueller specializes in forest management and ecology and teaches courses in these areas within the Department of Forestry. He has conducted research across the eastern United States concerning ecological and management issues and recently funded projects range from improving urban and community forestry opportunities in Illinois to analyzing the impacts of acidification on hardwood forest ecosystems in the central Appalachians.

Special Interests

  • Forest Management and Ecology
  • Forest Health


  • FOR 314 - Forest Health
  • FOR 416 - Forest Resource Management
  • FOR 408 - Mapping and GIS
  • FOR 506 - Advanced Landscape Ecology
  • Forest Resource Summer Camp


  • Ph.D. Forest Ecology, University of Florida, 2006
  • M.S. Forest Biology, Iowa State University, 2002
  • B.S. Forestry, Iowa State University, 1999

Recent Publications and Awards

  • Nickelson, J.B., E.J. Holzmueller, J.W. Groninger, D.B. Lesmeister. 2015. Previous land use and invasive species impacts on long-term afforestation success. Forests. 6:3123-3135.
  • Csigi, K.K. and E.J. Holzmueller. 2015. Reduced seedling height of hard mast species in areas with low deer densities in an oak-dominated forest (Illinois). Ecological Restoration. 33:19-21.
  • Hayes, S.J., E.J. Holzmueller, and C.K. Nielsen. 2015. Bot fly (Cuterebrid) prevalence and intensity in southern Illinois Peromyscus species and a comparison to the literature. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science. 108:1-3.
  • Kutsokon, N., S. Jose, and E.J. Holzmueller. 2015. Production potential of Populus plantations: A global analysis. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 6:23-33.
  • Holzmueller, E.J., J.W. Groninger, and C.M. Ruffner. 2014. Facilitating oak and hickory regeneration with stewardship treatments in mature central hardwood forests. Forests. 5:3344-3351.
  • Jensen, N.K., E.J. Holzmueller, P.J. Edwards, M. Thomas-Van Gundy, D.R. DeWalle, and K.W.J. Williard, 2014.  Tree response to experimental watershed acidification. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution. 225:2034.
  • Holzmueller, E.J., J.W. Groninger, and M.A. Martinek. 2013. Does the Spatial Analysis Project improve the Forest Stewardship Program? A case study of North Central United States. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management. 15:1-14.
  • Holzmueller, E.J. and S. Jose. 2012. Response of Imperata cylindrica, an invasive grass, to disturbance in the southeastern forests, USA. Forests. 3:853-863 (invited).
  • Holzmueller, E.J., D.J. Gibson, and P.F. Suchecki. 2012. Accelerated succession following an intense wind storm in an oak-dominated forest. Forest Ecology and Management. 279:141-146 (Featured in the 2012 SIU COAS AgriSearch – Health publication).
  • Holzmueller, E.J. and S. Jose. 2012. Biomass production for biofuels using agroforestry: Potential for the North Central region of the United States. Agroforestry Systems. 85:305-314 (News coverage in Washington Post).