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Kofi Akamani, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Forestry

Kofi Akamani
Phone: 618 | 453-7464
Location: Agriculture Building, Room 194-B

Kofi Akamani is an Associate Professor of Forest Recreation and Conservation Social Science in the Department of Forestry at Southern Illinois University. Akamani conducts research in rural communities in Ghana and the US in order to better understand and enhance the resilience of rural ...read full profile >>

John Groninger, Ph.D.

Acting Associate Dean, Professor, Forestry

John Groninger
Phone: 618 | 453-2469
E-Mail: groninge@siu.edu
Agriculture Building, Room 194-E

My students and I evaluate silvicultural and agroforestry approaches to achieving a variety of interrelated objectives, including watershed stabilization, fuelwood/biomass, timber, wildlife, recreation, and biodiversity ranging from rural to urbanized landscapes. Specific projects ...read full profile >>

Eric Holzmueller, Ph.D.

Professor, Forestry

Eric Holzmueller
Phone: 618 | 453-3708
E-mail: eholzmue@siu.edu
Location: Agriculture Building, Room 186-E

Eric Holzmueller joined the Department of Forestry at Southern Illinois University faculty as an Assistant Professor in August 2007. Dr. Holzmueller specializes in forest management and ecology and teaches courses in these areas within the Department of Forestry. He has conducted ...read full profile >>

Clay Nielsen, Ph.D.

Professor, Forestry

Clay Nielsen
Phone: 618 | 453-7474
Location: Agriculture Building, 186-C
CV: nielsen-2p-cv

Dr. Clay Nielsen is Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in the Department of Forestry and Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory at Southern Illinois University, where he received his Ph.D. in Zoology in 2001. Dr. Nielsen has devoted much of his 25-year research career to ...read full profile >>

Logan Park, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Forestry

Logan Park
Phone: 618 | 453-7476
E-mail: logan.park@siu.edu
Location: Agriculture Building, Room 194-D

Logan O. Park is the Associate Professor of Forest Recreation and Park Management in the Forestry Department of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He provides consultation to protected area managers, undergraduate and graduate instruction, and extension service. He has completed degrees ...read full profile >>

Brent Pease, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Forestry

Brent Pease
Phone: 618 | 453-3341
Location: Agriculture Building, Room 184

Dr. Brent Pease is an assistant professor in the Forestry Program at Southern Illinois University. Dr. Pease’s research addresses a diverse set of applied issues in wildlife conservation and management, ranging from understanding large-scale changes in wildlife distribution and ...read full profile >>

Charles Ruffner, Ph.D.

Professor, Forestry

Charles Ruffner
Phone: 618 | 453-7469
E-mail: ruffner@siu.edu 
Location: Agriculture Building, Room 194-C

Charles M. Ruffner, Ph.D., specializes in old-growth forest ecology and fire history in his research and teaching, and is deeply engaged in service with professional and community groups at multiple scales. Charles’ SIUC Fire Dawg crew works closely with local agencies, ...read full profile >>

Jon Schoonover, Ph.D.

Professor, Forestry

Jon Schoonover
Phone: 618 | 453-7468
E-mail: jschoon@siu.edu 
Location: Agriculture Building, Room 192-B
CV: schoonover-2p-cv

Dr. Schoonover serves as Professor of Physical Hydrology and Soils in the Forestry Program at SIUC. His research focuses on the impacts of land use on a water quality, hydrology, soils, and channel morphometry.  His most recent work has involved testing and designing Best ...read full profile >>

Karl Williard, Ph.D.

Professor and Faculty Coordinator, Forestry. Executive Director of the Universities Council on Water Resources

Karl Williard
Phone: 618 | 453-7478
E-mail: williard@siu.edu
Location: Agriculture Building, Room 184-A

Karl W.J. Williard is a Professor of Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management in the Department of Forestry at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU). Dr. Williard teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Watershed Management and Hydrology at SIUC. His current research ...read full profile >>

Jim Zaczek, Ph.D.

Professor, Forestry

Jim Zaczek
Phone: 618 | 453-7465
E-mail: zaczek@siu.edu
Location: Agriculture Building, Room 186-B
CV: zaczek-2p-cv

As a Saluki Forestry alumnus, I strive to continue the quality educational opportunities imparted to me by my former SIU professors.  Courses that I teach include: Ecology of North American Forests, Forest Ecosystems, Tree Physiology, Silvics and Dendrology, and Professional ...read full profile >>