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C. Matthew Rendleman, Ph.D.

Professor, Agribusiness Economics

C. Matthew Rendleman

Office Phone: 618 | 453-1707
E-mail: mattr@siu.edu
Building Location: Agriculture Building, Room 226-D

Dr. Rendleman holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University. Before coming to SIU in 1994 was an economist with the Policy Branch of USDA's Economic Research Service and also worked with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. He has won the College of Agriculture's Outstanding Teacher award and, until 2011, was the Director of the SIUC Office of Economic Education.

Specialty and Interests

Agricultural Policy


  • ABE 340 U.S. and Global Food Policies
  • ABE 330 Applied Agribusiness Economics
  • ABE 381 Agricultural Seminar
  • ABE 204 Introductory Economics of Food, Fiber, and Natural Resources
  • ABE 572 Agricultural Policy


  • M.S. and Ph.D in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University
  • B.S. in Journalism and M.S. in Agricultural Education from Southern Illinois University

Recent Publications and Awards

  • "Incorporating Interactive Remote Clicker Technology into Classroom Teaching in the College of Agricultural Sciences." Excellence Through Commitment Undergraduate Teaching Award with Professor Kim Harris.
  • Hoemmen, Garrett, Matt Rendleman, Brad Taylor, Ira Altman, and Karen Hand. Analysis of Structural Changes on Grape Growers' Return Per Ton: A Case Study of Lodi. Journal of Wine Economics and Policy. 2: 67-75. 2013.
  • Rendleman, C. Matthew and Yada Vasinvarthana. "Is the Bioterrorism Act a Barrier to Developing Country Seafood Exporters?" Paper presented at the 47th annual meeting of the Missouri Valley Economic Association, October 28, 2010. St. Louis.
  • Rendleman, C. Matthew, Phillip R. Eberle, William C. Peterson, Livy Coe, and Nathan Schotte. "Public Perception and the Future of the Illinois Dairy Industry." Journal of Social Science. 6(3): 324-329, 2010.