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Steven Kraft, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor, Agribusiness Economics

Steven Kraft

Office Phone: 618 | 453-1716
Building Location: Agriculture Building, Room 217-H


Special Interests

  • Farm Management
  • Natural Resources Policy
  • Economics
  • Soil and Water Conservation Policy
  • Watershed Management and Planning
  • Farm Policy
  • Ecosystem System Services

Dr. Kraft's research interests are in the areas of soil and water conservation policy, watershed planning, the provisioning of ecosystem services from working agricultural and rural landscapes, natural resources economics and policy, and the role of mediation in the delivery of USDA programs to producers. He teaches farm management, natural and environmental economics and policy, and social perspectives on environmental issues. He also provides mediation services to USDA cooperators in Illinois through the Illinois Agricultural Mediation Project.


  • ABE 350
  • ABE 381
  • ABE 440
  • ABE 470
  • AGRI/LAC 300i
  • ERP 502


  • Ph.D. [1976], Cornell University
  • M.S. [1976], Cornell University
  • B.S. [1969], American University


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