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Brian Klubek, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor, Plant Soil and Agricultural Systems

Brian Klubek


Research interests include the soybean – Bradyrhizobium japonicum association and biological nitrogen fixation, nitrification and denitrification activity in soil, biological sulfur oxidation in soil, microbial coal desulfurization, and pesticide decomposition/movement in soil.

Special Interests

Soil microbiology and biochemistry, microbial ecology, nutrient cycling in soil.


  • CSEM 240 Introductory Soil Science
  • CSEM/PSAS 441 Soil Morphology and Taxonomy
  • CSEM/PSAS 442 Soil Physics
  • CSEM/MICR/PSAS 454 Soil Microbiology


  • B.S.   1971. Major: Microbiology. Minor: Chemistry. Colorado State University
  • M.S.  1974. Major: Microbiology. Minor: Biochemistry. Oregon State University
  • PhD.  1977. Major: Microbial Ecology. Minor: Soil Science. Utah State University

Recent Publications and Awards

  • 2011 Outstanding Scholar Award, College of Agricultural Sciences