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Dr. Kofi Akamani

January 15, 2020


Dr. Kofi Akamani, Assistant Professor in the Department of Forestry at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, is a genuine example of the old adage “a gentleman and a scholar.” His gracious demeanor and diplomatic conversational style underline a great passion for fostering partnership across disciplines, as evidenced through his research work in Human Dimensions in Natural Resource Management. His studies have led Dr. Akamani around the world, and cultivated in him a deep commitment to interdisciplinary methodology; indeed, it is a philosophy of life reflected in his everyday actions as well as his scholarly output.  An administrator describes Akamani’s “selfless and unwavering collegiality in all aspects of his work, especially in service to his students and support for his colleagues.” The faculty of SIU’s Department of Forestry, spanning expertise in wildlife management, forestry, soils, watershed management, and forest recreation, appreciate his enthusiasm for cooperative research and writing projects and value his talent for designing useful research and communicating results to broad audiences.  He generously serves the campus community on committees and as an advisor to student organizations, and is lead SIU delegate for UCOWR and an associate editor of UCOWR’s Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education.

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