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'Scholar' is Theme for College's Research Magazine

November 02, 2015

The College of Agricultural Sciences at SIU released its annual research magazine, “AgriSearch,” this fall, after a brief interruption in the publishing schedule. The research magazine follows a theme each year. This year’s theme is “Scholar.”

Dean Mickey A. Latour said he chose the theme to highlight the diamond anniversary of the college as it celebrates 60 years of leadership in the agricultural sciences. Articles in the magazine demonstrate the practical importance of SIU to the Southern Illinois region and also to the greater scope of research questions that challenge the agriculture industries.

This issue includes articles about:

  • Cover crops and how they can serve the dual benefit of protecting the soil and providing forage for cattle.
  • A new, high-tech composting facility will contribute to the cycle of sustainability at SIU by turning up to 87 tons of food waste annually into compost – compost which the college hopes to turn into a marketable product.
  • Drones, and their implication for modern farming, including how SIU plans to incorporate drone studies into the agricultural systems and education curriculum.
  • River otters, and the graduate student who is monitoring their return to Illinois waterways.
  • An interactive tool to help students learn to identify trees and shrubs as part of the forestry program.
  • Two professors who visited The Gambia to assist women’s cooperatives to farm more efficiently and to change farming habits that decrease yields and soil fertility.
  • A new faculty member who is examining community forest management in his native Ghana.
  • The research adventures of an undergraduate student studying cover crops and feed efficiency in cattle.

The new issue is available from the college or at select college events. Back issues are available online, and the current issue will be available online soon as well.