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Student Success

January 12, 2015, Andrea Hahn

James Anderson, a doctoral student from Fort Polk, La., is taking a leadership role within the National Biodiesel Board. He serves as co-chair of Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel, a position he holds with three other university students from across the country. Anderson and his co-chairs will determine which students will be eligible to present research at the 2015 National Biodiesel Board Biodiesel Conference, and which will receive Next Generation funding.

James AndersonAnderson chose SIU after attending Ag Industry Day and meeting faculty and students. His interest in biodiesel comes from practical experience. Before embarking on his college career, he was a semi-truck driver, a job he continued as he worked his way through college. His years as a truck driver coincided with the rise of biodiesel fuels. When he entered the research lab, the circle was complete.

“Soybeans are the number one biodiesel feedstock, and is likely to remain so,” he said. “Right now, we have oil left-over from soybean food production. Using the oil for biodiesel production makes sense, environmentally and economically.”

Anderson wants to continue his research after he earns his doctoral degree