Horticulture Club PLANET Results

Southern Illinois University



Horticulture Club PLANET Results

March 19, 2013


Congratulations to the Horticulture Association students who participated at the 2013 PLANET Student Career Days.  The participants were:  Keith Murray, Mel Jensen, Jimmy Wallich, Ryan Dwyer, Victoria Vogt, Shayla Gunn, Amanda Weidhuner, Hannah Bushur, Heidi Murphy, Gideon Dollarhide, Joe Pericone, Joe Cooley, Zach Logan, Mike Ginder, and Amy McReynolds.  The team placed 44th out of 63 teams.  Congratulations  to Keith Murray who placed 34th out of 801 students in the overall results, and Gideon Dollarhide who placed 18th out of 93 for Annual and Perennial ID.

For more information about PLANET Student Career Days please visit:  https://www.landscapeprofessionals.org/collegiate-landscape-competition

You can find more results at:  https://www.landscapeprofessionals.org/collegiate-landscape-competition/final-results/collegiate-landscape-competition/2018_final_results.aspx