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Illinois Soybean Association Will Help Build State-Of-The-Art Greenhouse

October 21, 2011


The Illinois Soybean Association [ISA], has contributed $250,000 toward a state-of-the-art undergraduate teaching and research greenhouse facility.  The new facility will span 22,000 square-feet, and will replace a 50 year-old greenhouse currently located behind the Agriculture Building.  The proposed facility will enhance educational and research opportunities for students in the College, and will provide "hands-on" experience to students who will be helping to solve global food demand in the future.  

The ISA is an important industry partner for the College of Agricultural Sciences.  They have provided key support and funding throughout the years that has created opportunities for research in such areas as soybean production, weed sciences, biotechnology, genetics, environmental sustainability, and health and nutrition.  SIUC graduate Dean Campbell, and ISA District 17 Director stated, "This investment by our soybean farmers also aims to enhance our commitment to the soybean scholarship program by providing facilities for the recipients and other students to receive the training for careers in crop sciences."