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College Receives Award For Afghanistan Efforts

February 28, 2011


As part of its ongoing global education efforts, the College of Agricultural Sciences was more than happy to step-up to the plate and partner with the US National Guard to train soldiers involved with an agribusiness development team. Fifteen of the College’s faculty helped train 22 soldiers at the SIUC farms in preparation for their deployment to Afghanistan. The objective for the training was for the team to assist with rebuilding the rural and cultural infrastructure in Afghanistan. Faculty instructed the development team on such things as animal handling, veterinary medicine, plant pathology, watershed management and agriculture education. Four of the professors assisting with the training have regularly traveled overseas with the Afghanistan Water, Agriculture and Technology Transfer [AWATT] Program. Dr. Phil Eberle, an agriculture economist, has assisted afghan farmers with farm budgeting and planning; Dr. S. Alan Walters, a plant pathologist, has assisted with setting up a plant pathology lab in Mazar-e Sharif; Dr. Charles Ruffner and Dr. John Groninger has assisted with watershed rehabilitation and forestry. Groninger indicated that Afghanistan needs assistance developing markets in order to build a stronger economy after so many years of war. For its assistance with the training provided to the National Guard team, the College was presented with an “Adjutant General Award for Excellence.”