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Davey Tree Scholarship Awarded To Forestry Student Jarid Perrin

December 15, 2010


Jarid Perrin, a junior majoring in Forestry, was awarded Davey Arbor Grant Scholarship.  Perrin landed the $1,000 scholarship after completing a summer internship with Davey Tree in the west Chicago area.  Davey Tree is a national tree, shrub and lawn care company that grants 30 such scholarships every year across the United States.  Perrin, from Rochelle, Illinois, said he is looking closely at a major in urban forestry.  He states, “I realized I want to get out and work with trees, but I also really enjoy working with people.  I’m most interested in finding ways to help tree species and animals adjust as suburbs grow, to help find ways for people and the natural environment to co-exist.”  Read more about Perrin’s award in the Saluki Times story below.