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University Farms Likes "Ewe"

October 11, 2010


At one time, the College offered courses related to sheep.  However, the little lambs left campus years ago.  But a growing interested in small, more manageable ruminants has the College bringing back the animals.  Five Lincoln longwool ewes have moved into the Beef Center at University Farms.  Dr. Rebecca Atkinson, an animal scientist, stated, “We have some cattle farmers interested in transitioning to sheep and goat production as their economic value is starting to increase.  A growing number of ethnic groups have meant more interest in the meat, and sheep hair has also become more popular.”   In addition, the University’s partnership with the US National Guard incorporates the use of the animals to train soldiers with a special agribusiness development team that is assisting with rebuilding the rural and cultural infrastructure in Afghanistan.  For additional information about this story, follow the link below.