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"Teaching Forest" Receives Sustainability Grant

March 24, 2010


In March 2007, the Department of Forestry took its first step to implement a management plan for over 1,200 acres of woodlands on its University Farms. The Department developed wooded areas into outdoor lab spaces in which students could work hands-on with management techniques they learn in class. The creation of a "Teaching Forest" was seen as a way to enhance the Forestry program, spur research activities, and serve as a center piece for community outreach programs.

Three years later, the University is funding an $8,000 sustainability grant to restore and enhance the "Teaching Forest." Dr. Eric HolzmuellerDr. Charles Ruffner, and Dr. John Groninger plan to remove invasive species; encourage the development and growth of desirable native species (such as white oak, red oak, and hickory); and track and report their progress.