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Livestock Judging Team Has Fresh Start

September 01, 2009


Under the leadership of SIUC graduate student Ryan Orrick, the SIUC Livestock Judging Team has a new start.  After the team was dropped over two decades ago, Orrick is resurrecting the program.  Orrick stated, “Growing up (in Mt. Vernon,IL), I always thought that if SIU started a judging team, I would want to be a part of it.”  Under Orrick’s tutelage, students will learn the art of assessing animals such as beef, swine and sheep. 

The team will attend their first competitions in the spring of 2010, and Orrick is looking forward to it.  Dr. Gary L. Minish stated, “We wanted another professional leadership activity.  With livestock judging, you learn how to make decisions and justify them.  These are abilities that last a lifetime.”