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Scientist Suggests Ethanol By-Product For Use In Livestock Feed

April 30, 2008


When biomass is transformed into fuel, it creates a byproduct called "glycerol." At present, there is no real value for this "glycerol." Dr. Amer AbuGhazalah, an animal scientist at SIUC, proposes that the glycerol could be an acceptable livestock feed supplement for corn. AbuGhazalah stated that he believes that livestock feed could be comprised of approximately 15% glycerol, 85% corn, with no adverse effects on dairy cow health and milk production. AbuGhazaleh is working with Mr. Chet Stuemke at the SIUC Dairy Center to test such a mixture. Agribusiness economist, Dr. Phil Eberle, is working on the economics side of the equation to determine how much money dairy farmers could save by using the corn/glycerol mixture. With the every-increasing price of corn, this research could prove to be a major costs savings to dairy producers, as well as generate a value-added use for crude glycerol. Follow the link below to learn more.