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Saluki "Fire Dawg" Hopes To Put Diploma To Good Use

December 02, 2005


After completed a summer job in a factory, Forestry student Brian Bosler, decided he wanted to pursue his dream of fighting fires in forest wild lands. Bosler's dream started taking shape after joining the "Saluki Fire Dawgs," a student group dedicated to forest research and wild lands maintenance. Bosler credits Dr. Charles Ruffner , SIUC fire ecologist with "sparking" his interest in forestry. After completing Forestry 315 [Fire in Wildland Management], Bosler received his prized "Red Card,"--a ticket into the world of fighting forest fires. As part of the "Saluki Fire Dawgs," he gained "hands-on" experience with fighting fires. Upon graduation, Bosler will accept a position in New Mexico, where he will enroll in a three-year apprenticeship program for forest fire fighters.