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Forestry Club Brings Home The Gold For The 16th Straight Year

October 31, 2007


The SIUC Forestry Club recently competed in the Midwestern Foresters Conclave Competition held on October 6, 2007 in Madrid, Iowa. The team from SIUC had won the championship for the past 15 years, and continued their winning tradition by bringing home their 16th straight championship. Competitions ranged in classification from those completed for lighthearted fun (tobacco-spitting) ... to those that were extremely dangerous (such as speed-chopping). The team credits their success to their rigid practice schedule. Team members practiced almost daily at the onset of the fall semester in preparation for the event. The team took first place in eight categories. "Mizzou has been our biggest rival for 20 years, and historically they're the runner-up, but this year, Iowa beat them--we were kind of happy about that!," said SIUC Club President, Maredith Mendola. As conclave winners, the team took home a new chain saw and a new bucksaw.