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Re-engineering The Soybean For Biodiesel

October 22, 2007


Could soybeans be used to produce an alternative fuel source for America?  Researchers believe that with a few "tweaks," soybeans could be bred to produce an oilier product specifically for the biodisel industry.  Dr. David Lightfoot is working to breed a new bean with more energy.  While Dr. Yong Gao is experimenting with ways to keep the fuel produced from these beans from freezing at low temperatures.  Both scientists are enlisting the help of Dr. Khalid Meksem to incorporate research he has completed through chemical changes resulting in hundreds of "Mutant Soybeans" profiles.  Sound like a Sci-Fi movie?  No, this is not fodder for a new movie!  This type of hi-tech research is being performed daily by researchers in the Department of Plant, Soil and Agricultural Resources.  Learn more about this ground-breaking research at: