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Undergraduate Students Win Funding For Research Projects

May 04, 2007

Four students from the College of Agricultural Sciences received funding to complete research during the upcoming 2007-2008 academic year. The students are part of the 2007 REACH [Research Enriched Academic Challenge] Awards Competition. Student receiving funding include:

  • Russell McKeith, "Can We Use 'Arm and Hammer' Better Pork Products?: Using Sodium Bicarbonate to Alter pH in Hot Dogs" [Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Karen Jones, Animal Science].
  • Jamie Douglas, "The Effects of Dietary Phytoestrogens on Gut Microflora and Disease Resistance in Two Teleost Species" [Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Anita Kelly, Zoology].
  • Benjamin Vandermyde, "Biological Alternative to Herbicide for the Control of Invasive Shrubs" [Faculty Sponsor: Dr. John Groninger, Forestry].
  • Andrew Somor, "Effect of Autumn Olive Removal on Nitrogen Leaching at Plot and Watershed Scales" [Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Karl Williard].