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SIUC Providing Product Information To Farmers Via The Web

April 25, 2006


Advertisements can be misleading. In some cases, manufacturers resort to lying about their product in hopes of increasing sales. Dr. Brian Young states that some companies are not shy about making false claims. And growers don't really know the science behind the selling. Because the adjuvant industry is not regulated like the herbicide industry, producers tend to make claims that haven't receive a lot of research support. That's were Young, an SIUC weed scientist, can help. Young hosts a website ( that contains comparative information, as well as additional details, on crop-based adjuvants, adjuvant labels, and product listings. He boasts that his site is electronically indexed for easy searching. To compliment the website, Young publishes a pocket-sized pamphlet entitled, "Compendium of Herbice Adjuvants." The compendium is used locally, nationally, and even internationally. It is the only source available to assist farmers seeking comparative information on adjuvants (including ingredients, usage rates, and manufacturer information).