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Afghanistan Researchers Seek Assistance From Forestry Professor

January 19, 2006


Dr. John W. Groninger, Associate Professor, visited Afghanistan as part of a joint research team from SIUC, University of Illinois, and Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Agricultural University. The researchers hoped to assist Afghan scientists with rebuilding the agriculture program at Balkh University in Mazar-e-Sharif. Several things have led to the decline of forest lands in Afghanistan: mismanagement, drought, war, and urban growth. The country needs forest planning and time for regrowth. Most of the existing forests are located in areas that are not secure, and the team was not able to obtain a closer look at existing natural forests. However, the team did witness some of the urban forestry planning taking place in the cities. In particular, the planting of trees as windbreaks and watercourse stabilizers. Refer to the press release below for additional information.