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Environmental Resources and Policy

The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Environmental Resources and Policy is a game-changing, interdisciplinary program of study offered by:

  • The College of Liberal Arts (Departments of Geography and Environmental Resources; and Geology)
  • The College of Agricultural Sciences (Departments of Agribusiness Economics, Forestry, and Plant, Soil and Agricultural Systems)

The School of Law and the College of Engineering also cooperate in the program.

Students receive a specialized education in natural resource and environmental processes with a perspective on public policy and social institutions that shape societal and individual reactions to environmental issues.

Notable areas of concentration include:

  • Climatology
  • Earth and Environmental Processes
  • Ecology
  • Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Environmental Policy and Administration
  • Forestry, Agricultural and Rural Land Resources
  • Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Environmental Modeling
  • Water Resources

Our top-notch doctoral program prepares students to work with multifaceted environmental problems and enable them to carry out interdisciplinary scientific research and be qualified for high-level administrative positions in academia, government (e.g. U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. EPA, U.S. Forest Service, Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources, U.S. Department of Agriculture), and the private sector (e.g. environmental consulting firms, electric and water utilities, mining and solid waste firms).

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