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Students pursuing their doctoral degree in Agricultural Sciences enjoy personal attention and unparalleled access in an atmosphere of inclusive excellence and innovation in research.

Our quality informational, technological, laboratorical and real-world resources span the entire breadth of The College of Agricultural Sciences and are at your disposal.

These include top-notch Agriculture, Forestry, Dietetics, and Biotechnology teaching and research laboratories, such as:

  • Agricultural systems technology laboratories and facilities
  • Agriculture Research and Education Laboratories
  • Labs specializing in historical ecology and fire, GIS, human dimensions and water quality
  • Food packaging laboratory
  • Agronomy Research Center
  • Global Information Systems (GIS) laboratories and equipment
  • Commodity market information systems
  • Automation and Control Labs
  • Engine power and machinery
  • Construction and fabrication
  • University Farms, a 2,000 acre farm system operated by the College
  • SIUC Farms: Beef, swine, dairy and equine centers
  • Extensive, state-of-the-art facilities for several species of livestock
  • Bull Test Center
  • Beef Evaluation Center
  • Equine Center
  • Physiology / Metabolism Center
  • High-technology feed mill with micro-nutrient mixing and ration formulation
  • 75 brood cows, with cow-calf and feedlot operations
  • 75 head operating dairy
  • 100 crossbred sow farrow-to-finish operation
  • Approximately 50 horses representing many breeds, ages, experience levels and uses, for teaching, research and breeding purposes
  • Beginning-to-advanced levels of riding classes
  • Commercial horse breeding operations
  • Management of every aspect of the SIUC Horse Center
  • Horse care, raising, training and marketing
  • Practical animal, farm and personnel management experiences
  • Specialized equipment, tools and sampling devices for use in the field 
  • Opportunities to study financial records and management decisions associated with the University farms
  • Horticulture Research Center
  • Extensive apple and peach orchards, research and demonstration vineyard and dedicated areas for turf grass activities
  • State-of-the-art greenhouses for teaching and research
  • Outdoor teaching laboratory at SIUC, with many native and non-native plant species available to study.
  • Sustainability Center
  • Composting Center
  • The Tree Improvement Center, where activities such as walnut breeding and cultivar evaluation; disease susceptibility studies, white ash flowering and grafting; pruning and thinning demonstration; and stand management strategies are ongoing.
  • 40 acres dedicated to hardwood research demonstration at the Tree Improvement Center
  • University library system with over 2.2 million volumes and 16,000 current periodicals
  • Access to the daily 'Greenwire' and 'Energy and Environment' to track energy and environmental issues
  • Access to top-of-the-line facilities offered by other departments in the College of Agricultural Sciences