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Non-Degree Diploma in Companion Animal Nutrition - picture of two puppies

Companion Animal Nutrition

Our newest non-degree Diploma in Companion Animal Nutrition is the only one of its kind in Illinois and the United States. 

If you have an interest in companion animals and want to learn about how to care and feed your cat, dog, fish or reptilian pet, this one-year online program is the program for you.

Discover the nutrient needs of companion and exotic animals.

Learn about their nutrition, behavior and animal welfare.

Experience advanced, rigorous, science-based education, using a distance learning format to help you develop, expand and advance your skills in the field of Companion Animal Nutrition.

Our game-changing diploma provides an identified concentration for students pursuing Bachelor degrees in Animal Science, Veterinary Science, Zoology and related fields. The certificate program also enhances the career prospects of: 

  • High school  graduates pursuing jobs in local animal facilities and  pet stores
  • Community college students who intend  to work with companion animals upon completion of an associate’s degree
  • Professionals working in pet food industries
  • Sales representatives
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Research assistants
  • Professionals working in veterinarian clinics and hospitals
  • High school Agriculture teachers
  • Dog trainers
  • Pet store employees, managers and supervisors

What will I study?

Course Sequence:


  • ANS 115:  Introduction to Companion Animal Nutrition
  • ANS 215:  Introduction to Nutrition


  • ANS 215:  Introduction to Nutrition (short course)
  • ANS 316:  Ration Formulation for Companion Animals
  • ANS 365:  Canine and Feline Nutrition


  • ANS 115:  Introduction to Companion Animal Nutrition (short course)
  • ANS 445:  Companion Animal Clinical Nutrition
  • ANS 481:  Recent Topics in Companion Animal Nutrition

Non-degree completion in one year.

The fast and steady growth in the pet industry in the last few decades has increased demand for professionally trained personnel in areas such as pet nutrition and feeding, marketing, husbandry, and training. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the fields of animal care is expected to grow 21 percent by 2016, much faster than the average for all occupations.