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Companion Animal Nutrition - What will I study?

If you have a desire to learn, we give you a solid education and prepare you to excel. The non-degree Diploma in Companion Animal Nutrition has the following required courses:

Introduction to Companion Animal Nutrition

The focus is on the basic science of companion animal nutrition and the nutrient needs of dogs and cats, horses, rabbits, birds, aquarium fish, rodents and reptiles. Students also learn about the different types and forms of pet food, how to evaluate pet food, and regulations of pet food and pet food labeling.

Introduction to Nutrition

The basic principles of nutrition and nutrient metabolism are covered. Topics include the six major nutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water), the digestive process, nutrients utilization, and diseases as they relate to nutrition. 

Ration Formulation for Companion Animals

Students learn about the basic characteristics of common feeds used in companion animal diets and the principles of utilizing these feeds to meet animal requirements for maintenance and throughout the life-cycle.

Canine and Feline Nutrition

The focus is on nutrient requirement and feeding during the life cycle (maintenance, growth, gestation, lactation, seniors and performance) of cats and dogs. Nutrient digestion and metabolism, energy balance, and food processing, evaluation and labeling are explored.

Companion Animal Clinical Nutrition

Students learn about nutrition and feeding management for canines and felines during obesity, cancer, diabetes, urolithiasis, dental disease, dermatological disease, hepatic and gastrointestinal disorders, mobility and muscular disorders, heart disease and critical care. Metabolic diseases in other pets will be also explored.

Recent Topics in Companion Animal Nutrition

Written communication skills are enhanced while learning to critique literature concerning current topics in the field of companion animal nutrition.