Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems Master's | Agricultural Sciences

Southern Illinois University



Master of Science degree in Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems

A Master of Science degree in Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems at Southern Illinois University presents a choice of several notable concentrations.

  • Crop science: Possible research areas include crop production, management and precision farming; weeds and pest control; or plant breeding, genetics and biotechnology.
  • Soil science: Possible research areas include soil fertility, soil physics, soil microbiology, soil chemistry, or soil and water conservation
  • Horticultural science: Possible research areas include landscape design, vegetables, tree-fruits, small-fruits, floricultural and ornamental plant production, plant tissue culture, viticulture or turf management
  • Weed science: Possible research areas include the mechanical, biological and chemical control of weeds; the efficacy of weed management systems, the physiology of herbicidal action and measuring herbicidal efficacy. For more information visit the Weed Science Website.
  • Plant genetics, biotechnology and pathology: Possible research areas include research on agricultural biotechnology, plant genomics and bioinformatics, genetic disease in crops, plant physiology, plant breeding, soybean varieties and diseases, and so on.
  • Environmental studies in agriculture: Possible research areas include water pollution, reclamation of strip-mined soil or agricultural chemical pollution problems. Often two of these more restricted areas can be combined into one thesis problem.
  • Agricultural education and information:
    This concentration includes people-oriented studies in agricultural education combined with work in selected technical and scientific areas to prepare individuals for educational and agricultural leadership positions.

    Our dynamic program offers graduate training for extension agents, agricultural communication professionals, product-education specialists and others who are interested in agricultural information processing and transfer to a variety of non-student clientele.

    Visit our specialized Teach Ag website for more information and regular news updates.
  • Agricultural technologies:
    This concentration offers students interested in technology-based systems the opportunity to study one or more of the following areas:

    • Power and machinery
    • Product handling, processing and storage
    • Farm equipment evaluation
    • Precision farming

    Exciting areas of research include developing computer systems for agricultural companies, pathogens in food processing, agricultural data processing systems, equipment structures, and mechanical practices associated with irrigation and water conservation.

    Each of these areas also offers application in agricultural environmental studies.