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Plant, Soil & Agricultural Systems

The Department of Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems offers graduate work leading to

Each of these majors present a choice of several notable concentrations and can also be custom-tailored to meet the specific career goals and objectives of each student.

Our research-intensive program is interdisciplinary by design and provides a breadth of dynamic course offerings.

Students can choose between a thesis or non-thesis research paper option. The thesis option helps those planning on getting a doctoral degree at a later date. The non-thesis option empowers those wishing to enter the industry right after graduation advance in the workplace.

Our sizeable, nationally-recognized faculty lead graduate students in specialized research undertakings.

Our diverse facilities, combined with our excellent academic program, help serve a regional need, for our undergraduates and others in Southern Illinois wishing to pursue a master's degree.

At the same time, our challenging coursework attracts national and international students and is rigorous enough to help prepare students desirous of earning a Ph.D.