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Program Requirements

The Master of Science degree major in Forestry requires a minimum of 32 semester hours of graduate-level coursework with a grade of B or better.

At least 16 hours of coursework must be at the 500 level.

At least three of the 500 level courses must be structured courses.

Core course requirements include:

  • Forestry 500 Research Methods (or equivalent selected by the student's Graduate Committee and approved by the Departmental Chair). Recommended for first or second semester = 2 hours.
  • Forestry 501 Seminar, will be a scholarly presentation based upon the student's thesis research effort. This is to be taken preferably during the the semester in which the thesis findings are completed (the last semester) = 1 hour.
  • Minimum of one course in Statistics at the 500 level, achieving a grade of B or better = Variable hours.
  • Three to six thesis credits.

Students in consultation with their faculty advisor and graduate committee select a series of courses designed to support their thesis project and prepare them for their post SIU career. Programs of study are individualized and custom developed for every graduate student to suit specific education and career goals.

Students holding assistantships are required to complete all degree work within four semesters (including summer). This is also the normal maximum span for financial aid.

Forestry graduate students also have the opportunity to gain teaching experience in undergraduate courses in support of their career objectives.

To achieve this end, graduate students are expected to assist in the classroom or laboratory for at least one academic semester (20 hours per week) during their tenure with the Department of Forestry. The remaining semesters will also involve either research or teaching at the rate of 20 hours a week.

for more information on graduate program requirements, get in touch with the Department of Forestry and get started on a journey of boundless educational opportunity.