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Career Opportunities

Our game-changing, research-intensive Master of Science degree in Animal Science launches exciting careers in animal science, nutrition, reproduction, genetics and management.

Graduates work directly with beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine or horses and further their scientific interests with rewarding careers in animal research in various agricultural settings.

They may also take up postsecondary teaching positions with universities, federal agencies and private agricultural companies or choose to pursue a doctorate in animal research, teaching, veterinary medicine and biotechnology.

Sample job titles include:

  • Research Specialist
  • Animal Scientist
  • Animal Nutritionist
  • Dairy Nutrition Specialist
  • High School / Community College Agricultural Science Teacher
  • High School / Community College Animal Science Instructor
  • Laboratory Animal Technician
  • Facility Manager
  • Head of Equestrian Studies
  • Farm Advisor
  • Livestock Regional Extension Specialist
  • Swine Extension Specialist
  • Curator of Conservation Education