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Animal Science

The Animal Science unit offers graduate work leading to a Master of Science degree in Animal Science with four concentrations:

Animal Science

Students study and research best and innovative practices for raising livestock and companion animals, emphasizing a challenging curriculum of nutrition, reproduction and development. We emphasize animal well-being, efficient animal husbandry and practical applications to the animal-raising community.

Animal Nutrition

Animal nutrition specialists study a variety of species, emphasizing vitamin and mineral metabolism, energy and protein utilization and feed efficiency. Students undertake individual research, sometimes in cooperation with an industry partner. Our emphasis on research methodology complements out rigorous curriculum.

Animal Reproduction

Our reputation for excellence in the study of animal reproduction comes from the careful attention from faculty, the emphasis on field research and observation and access to the outstanding facilities at University Farms. Students undertake a challenging curriculum of physiology, genetics, endocrinology and applications of biotechnology.

Customized Study: Animal Science

Prepare your own course of study with the close assistance of faculty mentors who will guide you on the path you set for yourself. You’ll gain a solid base of research methodology, instrumentation methods, animal care, physiology and nutrition, emphasizing your chosen research area.

Our top-of-the-line academic program covers the various disciplines of animal science and nutrition, reproductive physiology, biotechnology and growth and development with emphasis on beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, swine and fish. Other animal or cell culture systems are sometimes used as research models.

Students experience quality, hands-on learning both in the classroom and in the daily care, feeding, management and supervision of animals.

Students can choose between a thesis or non-thesis option. Students planning on pursuing a PhD. should follow the thesis option. Our rigorous coursework and directed study lay a solid foundation for your doctoral degree. The non-thesis option has a higher concentration of classes and is more structured, helping those wishing to enter the industry right after graduation, advance in the workplace.

Our accomplished faculty guide graduate students in cutting-edge research and analyses of the biology and management of domestic animals. Students and faculty collaborate on fitting research to practical applications in agricultural industries.

Of course our students have the advantage of access to our advanced courses and top-notch facilities, but SIU is also an important resource for the region. Students will become part of that resource even while they benefit from it.